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PyroTopia: Show of Shows DVD


Click this for a preview video on Youtube.

$14.95 plus shipping


PyroTopia: Show of Shows is a unique and unforgettable journey through music and pyrotechnics. It's 91 minutes of pyro-musical adventures. You get hundreds of clips of fireworks fun and spectacular shows, all of it set to 29 pieces of music in a wide variety of genres. Interactive DVD menus allow you to jump directly to any one of 29 different scenes, or play the entire DVD with one click. There are no how-to projects, no individual firework demos, and no narration. It's all one giant music and fireworks show in 29 sections. This is a standard NTSC DVD. It is not HD or Blu-Ray.

Return policy: There are no refunds offered on this product. The sale is final. However, if the DVD proves to be defective or unplayable in your player, you can mail it back to me and I will mail to you another copy of the same DVD title.

You can also order both of my DVDs together for $19.95 plus shipping - see this page.
Or get both DVDs and one shirt of your choice for $24.95 plus shipping - see this page.

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Both DVDs, $19.95
Both DVDs and a shirt, $24.95
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