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Fireworks Organizations

This is a list of fireworks-related clubs and organizations, trade associations and government agencies. This is not a complete list. It does not include for-profit businesses or organizations. If there is no link for something, that means I could not find any web site for it.

American Fireworks Standards Laboratory
American Pyrotechnic Association
Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild
British Fireworks Association
British Pyrotechnists Association
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
Canadian Fireworks Association
Connecticut Pyrotechnics Association
Consumer Product Safety Commission
CrackerJacks, Inc.
Explosives Industry Group
Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
Great Lakes Area Spring Shoot
Heartland Pyrotechnic Arts Association
International Fireworks Association
Iowa Pyrotechnic Association
Junior Pyrotechnics Association
Kansas City Area Pyrotechnicians
Kentucky Fireworks Association
Michigan Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
Midlands Pyrotechnic Association
Missouri Pyrotechnics Association (MO Pyro)
National Council on Fireworks Safety
National Fireworks Association
New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association
Northeast Ohio Pyrotechnics Group
Northern Lighters
Northern Lights Pyrotechnic Club
Northwest Pyrotechnics Association
Ohio Pyrotechnic Arts Guild
Oregon Fireworks Association
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Prairie Thunder Pyrotechnics Guild
Pyrotechnic Artists, Inc.
Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas (Fire Ants)
Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc.
Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild
Salt Lake Area Pyros
St. Louis Shoot
Stumptown Shooters
Tennessee Fireworks Association
The Fireworks Alliance
The Fireworks Foundation
UK Pyrotechnics Society
Utah Pyrotechnics Guild Association
Western New York Pyrotechnics Association
Western Pyrotechnic Association
Wisconsin Fireworks Association
Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

If you know of an organization directly related to fireworks that you would like to see added to this list, please send me email about it.
For-profit organizations and businesses are not included on this list, but can be listed on this site and on by becoming a sponsor - click this for details.

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