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Fireworks Safety Training Manual

Fireworks Safety Training Manual Hot
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The first display fireworks training manual was developed in year 2007 and the new revisions were introduced in 2016. The main objective was to create a display fireworks and close proximity safety training system of teaching tools available to beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike, that is easy to read but more comprehensive. Plus at the same time to cater to all fireworks companies and their employees, and pyrotechnicians worldwide for their safety teaching needs within explosives industry.

This series of pyrotechnic training programs and tutorials are available for staff safety training purposes as an educational teaching tool, incorporating visual tutorials with step-by-step photographs. Each digital version in this eleven series is loaded with hundreds of full color photographs, diagrams, data tables, illustrations, flowcharts and instructions on fireworks display safety.

Link Title: Fireworks Safety Training Manual


IPM Universal Publishing, LLC
Milan Prokes
Chief Executive Manager
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