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Laptop viewFireworks buyers are looking for you.

In 2013, a total of 93,369 unique visitors came to, each one of them a potential customer for you. At only $299 per year, advertising here is cost-effective and lasts much longer than print or radio/TV advertising.

Even if you don't have your own web site, you can still have a web presence on this site.

As a Sponsor, you get:

• An entry in the “Sponsors” menu on this site, with a link to your own web site if you have one. If you don’t have one, it links to your page on this site
• A banner ad that appears on every page of this site, which links to your web site
• Your page in the Sponsors Directory on this site. You'll have a username and password for you to make updates to your page as needed

Your page in the directory on this site can include any or all of the following:

• Company name and logo
• Office address
• Phone, toll-free and fax numbers
• Contact person and/or e-mail address, Twitter
• Links to your web site, Facebook and/or Youtube pages
• Description of your business
• Services you offer and types of products you offer

• List of brands you carry, including your house brand
• Product name list
• Links to Google maps and directions
• Downloadable price lists, catalogs and order forms
• Coupons and other images
• Link to promotional video
• Locations you own and hours you are open

Mobile compatibility

In the mobile age we live in, buyers are looking with a variety of devices: desktop computers, laptops, iPads and other tablets, iPhones, Android phones and other phones. is programmed to be compatible with all of these, and the banner ads and links appear on all devices. If the device they are using has a web browser, they can see your ad.


In 2013, received 93,369 unique visitors. Each of these visitors is a potential new customer for your business. At $299, it's only 1/3 cent per visitor, and it's just 82¢ per day. A link to your web site will appear on every page of, and there are now more than 6,000 pages on the site. So far in 2014, there have been 527,206 page views, virtually all of them by fireworks buyers.

Three easy steps to get started:

• To be a Sponsor, do steps 1, 2 and 3:

1) Have your web designer create a graphic image for your banner. The width of the graphic is 468 pixels and the height is 60 pixels. The format can be JPG, GIF, or PNG. It can be an animated GIF if you want, and it can have transparency if it is GIF or PNG. Keep in mind that the banner ads rotate against a black background. You will need to send this file to me by e-mail, or else upload it to your page on this site once I create your page.

2) Gather all the information for your company, including all contact and address information, price list files, etc. You can enter all this information at your convenience. If you don't already have a user account here at, go to this page and register, preferably using your company name as your Username on the site.

3) Make the payment for $299, using either Square or PayPal if you want to pay online, or by mailing a check. If you want to mail a check, please send me e-mail here and I will send you the specifics. Please note that the only term offered is a one-year term, and that there are no refunds.

You get:
Banner ad at top of every page of site, link in “Sponsors” menu, page for your business in Sponsors Directory (which you maintain), and link to your own web site. 1-year term.
$299 per year
Click this to pay through Square


When I receive your payment I will activate your account here and send you a confirmation e-mail message, asking you for any additional information I need. I will also give you the instructions for how to access and maintain your company.

That's it - you will be on

When your year of membership is almost over with. about 2 weeks before the expiration date, I will send you an e-mail reminder asking you if you want to renew it for another year.

If you have any questions about memberships, please go to the e-mail Contact page and send a message to me.

Thank you,
Bob Weaver